A Night of RnB hosted by Tarsha Player


Join Tarsha Player of Tarsha Productions, for a celebration of RnB at Dj’s Supper Club in Inglewood. The show starts at 9pm sharp. You need to be there! !!!

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Fancy Friday


What’s up y’all it’s Fancy Friday.  Fancy  Friday means get your hair done get your nails done and be the best that you can be even if you can’t get anything done. BIG congrats to Candice for winning American Idol.

Now let’s do a quick recap on this week shows. First let’s start with Love and hip hop Atlanta. As we see DJ Tracy who is still hung up on her baby’s daddy DJ Drew.  His statement was why should he mess with science because he doesn’t want to be monogamous. Now the question that I have for DJ Drew is what kind of foolishness is that? Why do men have to resort to one statement that rules their entire lives? Just say I’m a cheater I don’t ever want to be with one woman and I’m going to sleep around. Sorry I made you baby momma. I mean just be real. Now for Ms. Tracy did she look like a fool by crying and acting a fool yes, would I have tore up the check of course!!  If I were Tracy my statement would have been simple, and would gone like this.  You need to mess with women who can break you off 25 thousand instead of having to come to me for the money. PERIOD. Poor Erica and Scrappy. Its not going to work. The fighting is too much and his mother will die before she let her son be happy. Mr. Kirk real punk move, as a man at no point of time should you ever have gone up to the studio and said anything to K Michelle. 1 cause your man, 2 because she’s a female, 3 because your wife seems like she can handle that. Lastly we come to Stevie J and Joseline, I’m so tired of Stevie ass but I don’t know what to do but hey they gotta keep those ratings high. My favorite show Gossip girl talked about the ever going issue Light skin women vs Dark skin women. As a light skin woman I say why is this still a issue? The industry puts too much strain on the topic. Sadly some women are still be affected by it. I say be judged by your work and not your skin color. HOWEVER who are we kidding its the industry! My last comment pertains to all these shows in general. Is there a purpose or any reasoning behind the foolishness? At the end of the day is the money worth everyone digging in your past and judging your future?  How really relevant are you?  As women let’s show that we are more than just a piece of meat. More something to beat on , sex on and talk about. So the beautiful, intelligent side of the BLACK WOMAN. Be fancy in your right and feel comfortable in your own skin. Be fancy everyday, be proud and Work what you got. It’s Fancy Friday let’s see how fancy you can get! !

Why does America love reality TV shows

So why does America love reality TV shows?  What’s the point of it all?  Is it that America is so involved with other people’s lives that is the only thing America can focus on? The first famous Reality TV show was MTV’s real world. As we know MTV’s real world started around 1991. The show focused oncast members living in a home in different cities telling their lives and just showing what their everyday life was about. As the show went on the show clearly became everything became scripted. Now was it Reality or fiction?   Now there’s a real housewife for every city and every state. There’s a basketball wife for Miami and LA, however who was actually a wife. Again reality or fiction? Now there’s a gossip girl, there’s a bad girl, there’s a un educated girl. So around four years ago MTV introduced the show 16 and pregnant. As a parent this show the irresponsible parent and actions of a teenagers of those irresponsible parents.  Now there’s the pastors wives and the pastor’s daughter. Both of these shows make a joke of the church and the bible.  However it does show that every family that is involved in the church isn’t perfect at all.  When you really sit down and think about it what does it really mean to have all these shows on TV? As a community of people what are interest in? What are these TV shows showing you? Americans are adapting to everything not their reality. The TV has become our mentor, our counselor  our pastor. Sometimes you have to sit down and just listen. Our children have  lost their way by turning to you-tube, world star and TV,  instead of the dictionary, books and good ole fashion conversation. We all know that these aren’t going anywhere and there are more to come however my question to you is, where do you draw the line?

New Reality Show ‘Pregnant & Dating’ Begs The Question, Where Are Your Priorities? [POLL]

This shows is what is wrong with America and the quest for unnecessary attention. Sadly watch how many viewers this show has.


WE tv’snewest reality show, “Pregnant & Dating” focuses on the lives of five pregnant women who are on the hunt for love. There’s nothing about this show that makes sense. First of all, women who are bearing children shouldn’t be focused on finding a man. There’s a lot more pressing issues, like the fact that your unborn child is pressing on your uterus, waiting on your due date, that you need to focus on.

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And not to mention the men who willingly date these women. Are these men with fetishes? God knows, they’re truly appreciated for wanting to take care of a child who isn’t theirs, but why are they so willing to date a woman who needs to be worried about her fetus? I just don’t get it.

Here’s what WE tv has to say about the new show:

“Traditionally, love…

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BigRed’s Monday Recap

Whats up y’all its ya girl BigRed.  So we are all L&HH fans, but what the hell Is going on with Erica, Scrappy and Momma Dee. The disrespect between these three is SERIOUS. Erica know Scrappy is a momma’s boy and that isnt going to change as long as Scrappy keeps making excuses about his momma. The sad part about the whole thing is everyone seen it coming. Now tonight will probably be the only night I give Joseline Hernandez, because no contract no money Stevie. Lol. Get yo life my dude. Your penis can’t solve all your issues and is this fool really mad about Benzino STOP IT. Your both clowns knock it off!!! Now K.Michelle needs her ass beat. Stop worrying about things you don’t have like a husband. Plus in the words of Royce from Basketball Wives “Women who throw glass can’t throw hands”. REAL SHYT. Let’s take a lesson from tonight. Don’t sleep with your so called manager, if your man mother is a pimp STOP RED FLAG lol and lastly keep all your haters out ya life.  BIGRED OUT!!!